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Somali refugees forced to pile everything they own after government troops destroyed their shelters


This week the Food and Agriculture Organisation warned that many people in Somalia are ‘on the edge’. Despite knowing the hardships people there face every day, government soldiers destroyed dozens of temporary shelters and shops at a refugee camp in southern Mogadishu, forcing the inhabitants to pile all their belongings onto trucks and move on. […]

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Growing Somali mall in Minneapolis now boasts one of the state’s largest mosques

Rows of worshipers bowed in prayer during a recent Friday service at the new mosque inside Karmel Mall. The space is on a newly added third floor.

Construction of the metro area’s newest mosque involved a shopping trip to the Middle East, some back-and-forth with the city of Minneapolis and a reported $3 million investment. But developer Basim Sabri says setting out to build one of Minnesota’s largest mosques at his Karmel Square mall wasn’t a vanity project. Instead, the space — […]

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Somalia Detains US Suspect on FBI Watch List


xOfficials in the United States say a U.S. citizen who fled the country more than two years ago and who recently was placed on the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list is now in custody in Somalia. Officials say Liban Haji Mohamed was arrested recently in Somalia. It is not clear how he was taken into […]

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Somali remittances are a matter of life and death

Kadija Hussein, 34, owner of a Tukwila day care, holds son Ayyub Osmond, 3, one of her four children. She and her husband, a Port of Seattle truck driver, send about $500 a month back to family in Somalia, helping keep relatives’ children in school, food on the table and roofs over their heads. “In Somalia, there are no jobs,” Hussein said.

There is more to Somalia than war, looting and piracy. I grew up in an area that hosts one of the largest Somali communities in the country. I used to enjoy going to “Somali Town” near Sea-Tac airport for an espresso and chat. The coffee was always better than Starbucks and the conversations enlightening. newisnsideI […]

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Angry local Somalis allege racial profiling, harassment at airports

Mohamed Farah describes being insulted by a TSA agent en route to the White House

Mohamed Farah has testified before Congress, conferred with the State Department and met with the secretary of Homeland Security. Two weeks ago, he was among a select group invited to the White House for President Obama’s counterterrorism summit. But despite security clearances from the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service, the Somali youth leader from […]

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Mother-in-law jokes in Mogadishu: satirist shows other side of Somalia

Ugaaso Boocow, above, posts everything from social satires of Somali family life to photos of Mogadishu on Instagram. Photograph: Ugaaso Boocow/Instagram

A mother is justifying her son’s divorce, absolving him from all blame. “These girls of 2014 are wasteful youths,” she says, talking on the phone and shaking her head. “The one my son Weheliye was married to, all that one knew of cooking was cornflakes. I told him: ‘Divorce this one, she’s garbage!’ Now you […]

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Transfer Denied: The Hidden Costs of Washington’s War Against al-Shabab


COLUMBUS, Ohio — As a child, Noor Dubow fled war in his homeland of Somalia. Growing up, he fought constantly against hunger while living in a refugee camp in neighboring Kenya. Today, he wears a tie to work, goes to school at night, and lives in a tightknit Somali community in America’s heartland. But Dubow, […]

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Minister Duhulow Statement at today’s Hand-over ceremony‏


25 February, 2015 – Hon Mustafa Duhulow, former Minister of Information of Somalia spoke on today’s hand-over ceremony and said “I would like to thank H.E. Omar Sharmarke, the Prime Minister of Somalia for attending today’s hand-over ceremony at the Ministry of Information, as this shows the huge commitment from the government towards the Ministry […]

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Obama nominates first US envoy to Somalia since 1991


Washington (AFP) – US President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated America’s first ambassador to Somalia since 1991, when ties soured as rival warlords took over the African nation. Katherine Dhanani, a long-time diplomat with deep experience of African affairs, will have to be confirmed by the Senate for the role in Somalia, where extremists have […]

February 25th, 2015 | Posted in English News,Wararka | Read More »

VIDEO:Al-Shabaab Getting Publicity It Wanted, Somali Leaders Say


MINNEAPOLIS – Local Somali leaders are worried about reaction to al-Shabaab’s recent video, calling for attacks on western malls such as Mall of America. Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, condemned the video from the Somali terror group, and said he fears repercussions from other Americans. “I think there’s a […]

February 24th, 2015 | Posted in English News,Wararka | Read More »

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