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Somali community desperate for Westpac money transfer reprieve

Abdurahman Jama Osman is concerned his elderly sister will die without his money transfers. Picture: Martin Reddy.

elbourne’s Somali community is warning innocent people will suffer if the last Australian bank to allow money transfers to the war-torn country follows through with its plan to stop the practice. The community is desperate for a last minute reprieve after Westpac announced it was cutting links with money transfer agencies that send cash to […]

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Somali official accuses Foreign Ministry of hijacking diaspora event

Abdullkhadir Ga’al and the Somali ambassador Ali Said Faqi.

An executive at the Somali Peace and Development organisation has raised concerns about the Foreign Ministry “hijacking” an event organised by the Somali diaspora when the country’s president visits Denmark from November 18-20. “The Foreign Ministry, and especially its African department, prefers to polarise the active Somali diaspora rather than working with them positively as […]

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Girls’ jihadi quest stirs Muslim communities’ fear

Somali-American Ahmed Odowaay, who works as a community advocate and professional translator, makes his midday prayer inside an office used by the Colorado Muslim Council, in Aurora, Colo., Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014.

AURORA, Colo. — The strange journey of three suburban Denver girls who authorities say tried to join Islamic State militants in Syria has many in their close-knit east African community worried about whether their own children will be the next to be lured to terror. The girls’ voyage has mystified many in the U.S., and […]

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Death Penalty for Apostasy Not Justifiable in Islam – Somali Scholar

Somali author Abdisaid Abdi Ismail

Garissa — Somali author Abdisaid Abdi Ismail has come under intense scrutiny after publishing a Somali language book titled “The Rule of Apostasy in Islam: Is it True?” in which he argues that there is no religious justification for killing people for apostasy. The book sparked mixed reactions among the Somali community in Kenya and […]

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VIDEO:Al-Shabab Terrorists Pushed From Last Somali Stronghold


MOGADISHU, SOMALIA—The terrorist group al-Shabab has been pushed out of its last stronghold in Somalia, the coastal city of Barawe. African Union forces and Somali soldiers liberated it in their latest military victory. For six long years, Barawe – located 220 kilometers or 137 miles southwest of the capital – served as al-Shabab’s main headquarters […]

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United by social justice, marchers seek stronger community


Wearing a hijab, Lul Hersi led a large crowd at the Stearns County Courthouse in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance on Saturday. “This is what makes me an American citizen,” she said about the pledge. “This is what makes me have a right as much as anybody else. I swore to this the day I […]

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Novelist Nuruddin Farah: Facing A Blank Page Is ‘Bravest Thing’ A Writer Does


Nuruddin Farah’s novel Hiding in Plain Sight centers around Bella, a Somali living in Rome, who has become a famed fashion photographer. Her beloved half-brother Aar, a UN official, is murdered by extremists in Mogadishu and leaves behind two teenagers who are Bella’s niece and nephew. Bella’s a globetrotter, with tightly scheduled lovers and global […]

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Somaliland inspired by Scotland and Catalonia independence campaigns


With its relative peace and natural resources, the breakaway state wants recognition of its independence from Somalia The recent high-profile campaigns for Scottish and Catalonian independence have buoyed hopes that Somaliland could soon gain independence from Somalia, according to the president of the self-declared country. Somaliland is viewed by the international community as a territory […]

October 24th, 2014 | Posted in English News,Wararka | Read More »

EAEF Condemns Kenyan Plot to Annex Somali Offshore Territory


The East African Energy Forum (EAEF), a Somali lobby group, has today condemned the Kenyan government of what it is calling “the slow elaborate annexation of Somali offshore territory.” Kenya has spent much of the past decade drumming up a non-existent offshore border dispute in the hopes of capturing approximately 120,000 square kilometers of what […]

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Somali officers relate to immigrant communities

Metro Transit officer Salah Ahmed checks his computer for updates in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. Ahmed, who is the vice chairman Somali American Police Association, has been an officer for Metro Transit since July of this year.

Salah Ahmed wanted to become a cop ever since he moved to the United States from Egypt. On the other hand, Abdiwahab Ali’s interests gravitated to law enforcement after 9/11 — several years after he moved from Somalia to Minnesota in 1995. After becoming a Minneapolis Police Department officer, he went on to help establish […]

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