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Outgoing Somalia ambassador grateful to Kenya


NAIROBI: Somalia’s longest serving ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Nur, has wound up his duty in the country with a call to Kenyans to stop profiling Somalis as terrorists. Ambassador Nur said both the governments of Kenya and Somalia were united in fighting Al-Shabaab and any terror attacks should be treated as criminal acts by individuals, […]

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Somalia FM Says His Country, Kenya Are on Good Terms – Video


Somalia’s Foreign Minister Abdusalam Hadliye Omer says that in this “turbulent time,” his country nevertheless has a warm relationship with neighboring Kenya, which has provided troops to fight al-Shabab. Kenya has attributed recent terror attacks on its territory to the presence of Somali refugees in its sprawling Dadaab camps, a claim denied by the refugees. […]

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Press Statement Government of the FR of Somalia condemns the vicious on South Africa


The Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia condemns the vicious attacks being perpetuated against its citizens and the looting of their property and businesses. Somalia and its people are shocked to witness such treatment being meted against their citizens when they have been a staunch supporter of their South African brothers and sisters in […]

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International partners welcome the launch of conference towards the formation of interim central regions administration


Mogadishu, 17 April 2015 – The United Nations, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the European Union (EU), African Union Mission in Somalia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Ethiopia, Uganda and Turkey have welcomed the launch of the Adaado conference for the formation of an interim administration in the central regions. International partners […]

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Why Did the Mastermind Behind Al-Shabaab’s Garissa Massacre Attack the Same Town Where He Was a Teacher?

Senior Al Shabaab officer Mohamed Mohamud alias Sheik Dulayadayn addresses a news conference during clashes between Ismalist fighting and Somali government in Somalia's capital Mogadishu this file picture taken on January 1, 2011 (PHOTO: REUTERS/FEISAL OMAR/FILES).

The mastermind behind al-Shabaab’s recent massacre of nearly 150 Christians at Garissa University College in Kenya is a former Islamic school teacher who used to teach in that very same town. But why would a former school teacher return to the town where he once taught just to lead in the brutal slaughtering of students? […]

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Somalia’s President and Prime M warn: “Do not hurt Somalia’s fledgling Peace and State-building Process by constricting remittances..” ‏


Somalia’s President, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and the Prime Minister H.E. Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, are calling on the Somali People and the international community to get behind a new initiative to launch a multi-agency Special Task Force on Remittances (STFR) to support our efforts to protect Somali remittances. The STFR has the mandate of […]

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Somali President Says Al-Shabab Must be Confronted

Madaxweyne Xasan

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud says the Somalia-based al-Shabab militant group is a regional enemy that needs to be confronted. He was speaking exclusively to VOA Somali, three days after al-Shabab gunmen stormed and massacred 148 people at Garissa University in northeastern Kenya. The president expressed horror and sadness at the Garissa attack. He said […]

April 6th, 2015 | Posted in English News,Wararka | Read More »

Wanted for Kenya attack in Garissa: Who is Mohamed Kuno?


The Kenyan government has named Mohamed Kuno as the mastermind behind the Garissa University College attack and has put a $215,000 (£145,000) reward for his capture. He has several aliases but is best known as Mohamed Dulyadin, which means ambidextrous in the Somali language. His exact age is not known but is thought to be […]

April 3rd, 2015 | Posted in English News | Read More »

Somalia has ‘no info’ about Kenya’s wall

Somalia's ambassador in Kenya, Mohamed Ali Ameriko, said "We have no information on the matter"

Somalia’s ambassador in Kenya, Mohamed Ali Ameriko, said Wednesday that he had “no information” regarding Kenya’s plan to build a security wall along its border with Somalia. “Kenyan authorities have not officially notified the Somali side on the matter,” he added. Ameriko said Kenya had the right to build whatever walls it wanted, provided they […]

March 25th, 2015 | Posted in English News,Wararka | Read More »

Nine British medics enter ISIS stronghold to work in hospitals

Eight of the nine British medics. Clockwise from left: Hisham Mohammed Fadlallah, Tasneem Suleyman Huseyin, Ismail Hamadoun, Nada Sami Kader, Mohamed Osama Badri Mohammed, Rowan Kamal Zine El Abidine, Tamer Ahmed Ebu Sebah and Lena Maumoon Abdulqadir.

Nine young British medical students have travelled illegally to Syria and are believed to be working in hospitals in Islamic State-controlled areas, the Observer can reveal. Their families were mounting a desperate effort on Saturday at the Turkish-Syrian border to persuade them to come home. The group of four women and five men crossed the […]

March 22nd, 2015 | Posted in English News,Wararka | Read More »

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