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US targets Al-Shabaab leader in Somalia air strike


US forces have carried out air strikes against the leader of Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab rebels, with casualties reported but uncertainty hanging over the fate of the main target, officials said Tuesday. The Pentagon confirmed an “operation” was carried out on Monday against the hard-line militia, and that it was “assessing the results”. “The Americans carried […]

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VIDEO:U.S. military conducts operation in Somalia, Pentagon says


(CNN) — U.S. military forces conducted an operation Monday against the Al-Shabaab network in Somalia, Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said. “We are assessing the results of the operation and will provide additional information as and when appropriate,” he said. No other information was immediately available. The Pentagon did not say who was […]

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US forces conduct operation in Somalia: Pentagon


The U.S. military carried out a counterterrorism strike Monday against leaders of the militant group al-Shabab in Somalia, Pentagon officials said, although it was unclear whether the operation was successful. Journalists in Somalia reported that suspected U.S. drones fired missiles near the port city of Barawe, a stronghold for al-Shabab. In a rare acknowledgment of […]

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Al-Shabaab attacks Mogadishu prison


Militants from Al-Shabaab militant group have staged a daring attack on a prison in Mogadishu with several casualties reported in the ensuing clashes with prison guards, eyewitnesses and security sources said Sunday. A group of Al-Shabaab militants attacked Godka Jili’ow prison where several Al-Shabaab detainees are being held, the sources said. The militants detonated several […]

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Somalia: Fiscal Budget and Federal Government legitimacy

Mohamud M Uluso

Recently, I came across a document titled “Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) – Appropriation Act for the 2014 Budget,” consisting of Act No 00005 and financial statement. The theme (goals) of the Budget document is “enhancing State capacity for peace, justice, Economic Recovery Program (ERP) and Public financial Management.” Assuming the document is genuine, I’ll […]

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Why radical jihadists are cropping up in Minnesota, leaving to join terrorist groups

ISIS posted a recruitment video on YouTube featuring recruits from Britain and Australia. The FBI says at least 15 men from Minneapolis-St. Paul have joined the fighting in Syria in recent months (ALHAYAT MEDIA CENTER).

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, home of the Twins and the Timberwolves — and the unlikely incubator for a growing number of radical jihadists. As many as 15 Somali-American men from Minneapolis-St. Paul left home in recent months to enlist with radical groups and join the fighting in Syria, according to the FBI. […]

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SOMALIA: Weekly Press Conference on the Progress of the Government

Wasiirka Warfaafinta Mustaf Dhuxulow

Mogadishu-30 August 2014 – HE the Minister of Information, Mustafa Duhulow, today addressed the media in Mogadishu, providing an update on the progress of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) over the last week. The Minister discussed various issues including: the Military Court’s conviction of two members of Al-Shabaab; Talks between the FGS and the […]

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VIDEO:American ISIS Douglas McCain’s Death Troubles Minnesota Somali Activists


Activists working to combat terror gangs’ recruitment of young men from Minnesota’s Somali community are worried the recent death of an American fighting for ISIS in Syria will tarnish their community’s reputation. “It’s a very sad time for the community because this issue the community has been trying to eliminate keeps coming back over and […]

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VIDEO:African intelligence: terror groups in Africa linked to Islamic State


There is growing evidence of links between terrorist militant groups in Africa, Syria and Iraq. African intelligence officials are showing the need to swap intelligence and work together across borders to combat the rising terror threats. Recent videos released by the Islamic State again proved to be part of its high-profile campaign to establish a […]

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Norway: Mohammed most common name in Oslo


By News from Elsewhere… .. media reports from around the world, found by BBC Monitoring Friday, August 29, 2014 Mohammed is now the most common name for men in Norway’s capital city Oslo, it appears. “It is very exciting,” Jorgen Ouren of Statistics Norway tells The Local news website. A recent count of the city’s […]

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