Kingmaker MP Adow To Lead Jawari Camp In Crisis Mediation


At least 40 Mps from Daljir and Qaabyo parties have elected Somali multimillionaire MP Abdullahi Ali Ahmed also known as Adow Ali Ges to lead the Pro Jawari Mps camp in the mediation process that followed the suspension of Speakers impeachment motion.

The Mps are mainly drawn from Mogadishu and included Ahmed Moallim Fiqi, Mahad Salah

Abdirahman Odowa, Mahad Salad, Abdullahi Noor and Abdulakdir Osoble.

Radio Dalsan has learnt that a meeting to elect the MP was held at the tycoon’s residence which is meters away from the Villa Somalia.

Adow inclusion into the Jawari team is major back up considering the influence the MP has had in chartering major political decisions in the country and his financial muscles.

The businessman with a vast empire in importation, aviation, shipping and contracting is said to have had influence in the fall of former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in 2016.
The international community is currently in contact with both sides ahead of the mediation process.

Rivalry between the Jawari and Khaire camps is still rife.The Jawari group will meet on Monday in a show of power on the number of Mps in the camp a task that Adow is now charged with.

The Somali Parliament has been split over the impeachment motion on Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari.

The motion which was set to take place on Saturday was called off by the President to ease the the political tension.