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The mystery surrounding President Farmaajo’s visit to Kenya

According to the information Villa Somalia released prior to H.E. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s visit to Kenya, the purpose of the visit was the president to attend the IGAD head of states’ meeting in Nairobi.

The president was accorded somewhat muted reception upon his arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport in Nairobi. However, after few hastily arranged meetings between senior members of the presidential delegation and Kenyan government security and intelligence services agents, the visit was upgraded to a “state visit” level. And to their credit, the Kenya Government accorded president Farmaajo a warm welcome. He received the twenty one cannon fire solute reserved only for presidents from countries with close political, economic and diplomatic ties, which did not have with Kenya until now.

However, this sudden upgrade, and the change of heart from the Kenya government side raise serious political and diplomatic issues.
Here are few of those questions:

• Why was the visit upgraded to state visit level in a matter of hours? What was the political and diplomatic break-through the two countries have reached that precipitated this hugely politically and diplomatically consequential change?

• What did Kenya receive from Somalia that made them to furnish such a warm welcome to president Farmaajo and his delegation?

• Why did president Uhuru Kenyatta tweeted the agreement he reached with president Farmaajo regarding “RESOURCE SHARING”? Was he intentionally sending SUBTLE POLITICAL message to a wider international audience?

• What are exactly the “resources” that Somalia will share with Kenya?

• It possible that president Farmaajo finally succumbed to the Kenyan political pressure and agreed to SHARE with Kenya Somalias territorial waters and continental shelf? Agreement former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud refused to accept?

• Is it true that the case brought to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea will be terminated and Somalia and Kenya have agreed to share the Somalia territory Kenya claimed to own?

• Will Somalia cede three hundred thousand square kilometers of its territory? In exchange for what?

• Will President Farmaajo and his inner political circle shed some on this mystery before this turn into bitter and destructive political fight?

Ceelna umma qodna, ciddina umma maqno.


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